Friday, April 27, 2012

Cupcakes: A Step-By-Step Guide, With Pictures

How to make cupcakes

Step 1: Empty the bag of cake mix in the bowl.

Step 2: Touch and feel the part you spilled on the counter. Investigate the sensation.

Step 3: Carefully measure the oil and water, and add them to the bowl. (Boo did all the reading of the instructions on the box, figured out by himself to which line he needed to fill it, poured slowly and stopped at the exact right moment. I was stunned.)

Step 4: Take out an egg, tap it against the edge of the counter, and gently pull apart.

Be careful not to get any shell in the bowl.

Poke a finger into the yolk and see how it feels. (Boo cracked all three eggs completely unassisted and didn't make any messes. He didn't even break any yolks. Well, not while cracking them anyway.)

Step 5: Having add all the ingredients, turn the mixer on speed number one. Be sure to move it all around the bowl. When it touches the sides, it will feel very bumpy! (Mom may have to finish the last minute because too much of that bumpy feeling is uncomfortable.)

Step 6: Line muffin tins with baking cups. Blue of course. (Is there any other color?)

Step 7: Use a large spoon to scoop batter into each baking cup. Each one gets three scoops.

Step 8: After mom sets the pans in the oven, set the timer for 15 minutes. Then spend that time playing PBS kids on the computer and eating wavy cut potato chips.

Tomorrow is the big day! Boo's birthday party! I will try to get party pics up soon, but I'm betting I'll be too pooped to do it tomorrow. LOL Wish us luck!

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