Cast of Characters AKA: The Village People

This page is still under construction. More pics to come!

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. In a sense, I believe that is true. I'd like you to meet our village:

Boo is a sweet, happy, loving, funny, crazy, smart, and wonderful little boy. He is five years old. He has been diagnosed with a form of autism called PDD-NOS.

Boo's Mom
(Not the best pic, but I'm usually behind the lens so I don't have much to choose from.
Besides, Boo took this one, so it's special.)
I am Boo's Mom, the author of this blog. I have been married to Boo's Dad for 13 years. I have been a professional and a stay-at-home-mom. Currently, I work only 4-5 months out of the year, preparing taxes. The rest of the time, I stay home with Boo.

Boo's Dad
Boo's Dad works as a truck driver, and as such we don't get to be with him as often as we would like to.

Mammo forgot that Boo had put this hat on her and wore it for the longest time. *giggle*
Mammo is my mom. She has been Boo's secondary caregiver since I went back to work when he was 8 weeks old. They have a super special bond. Too much time away from Mammo will send Boo into a tailspin, much as it did for me as a child when I was away from my Grams too long.

Papa is Mammo's husband. Boo thinks he totally hung the moon. Papa has a special gentle way with Boo, and a way about him that makes Boo want to please him.

Grams is my grandmother, Mammo's mom. She has literally been in Boo's life since his birth. She was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes, before he was fully delivered. Before anyone was even able to hold him, she was standing at his side stroking his cheek and forming the only bond to ever rival the one she made with me!


Grandpa is my dad. He also has a special way with Boo. He is the adventurous one. Time spent with Grandpa is almost always spent outdoors, riding his bike, playing in the sand pile, working on projects, swinging, or hanging out in the tree house. He leads with quiet and gentle strength that needs few words. He is also one of my most trusted advisers on just about any aspect of life.

Grandpa and Grammy teaching Boo to ride his tricycle
Grammy is Grandpa's wife. She was one of the first people, other than Mammo, to confirm that she saw what I saw in Boo. Though we didn't know what it was, she agreed with me that it was something. She still has a lot to learn about autism, what it is, and what does and does not work. But she loves my boy, and he loves her. She also shares my love of gardening and we spend a lot of time together in the summer and fall cooking and canning our home-grown goodies.

Of course, there are a whole host of other people in our life who love and influence Boo. But this is probably the core group. These are the people you are most likely to see mentioned in the blog.

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