Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boo Speak

Boo speaks quite well. He speaks plainly and enunciates well. His syntax is usually as accurate as a typical child. He loves to talk and does so all day long. So I am in awe at how consistently I find myself "translating" him for others who aren't around him very often. It baffles me how people don't understand what he is getting at. I wonder if they are just dense or if I have become fluent in some esoteric language without realizing it. I can't explain it. Sometimes I wish that our days could be video taped so I could review and analyze them after the fact like a coach after a ball game.

There are a few unique turns of phrase that I can identify. They are quite witty in fact, and usually understandable as well as adorable. For instance, "can I wear my belly" means can I leave my shirt off. "Can I wear my legs" means can I leave my pants off. Coming home late at night, "can I lay in these" means I'm too tired to change into my pajamas, can I leave my clothes on? "Drizzling snow" means snow that is flying around in the air and blowing into his face and eyes. (which he hates)

Often times he seems to be carrying out a very intelligent and insightful conversation, but if you spend most of his days with him you realize that he is acting out one of the shows he watches on tv or video. He has a nack for memorizing large chunks of these shows including every last word of narration. Sometimes he will use concepts or parts of phrases or ideas from shows and connect them with reality. One of my favorite examples of this was when he injected the concept of a hypothesis from Dinosaur Train into a family holiday dinner by announcing at the table, "Grandpa's a boy, but that's just a hypothesis."

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  1. Thanks for posting about his 'hypothesis' it gave me a great big smile! Just what I needed this morning.