Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boo's Menu

As most of you already know, self-restricted diet is a huge issue for Boo, as well as many other spectrum kiddos. He can be very hungry and begging for food, but everything we suggest gets shot down. One day, out of pure exasperation with listing the options for the hundredth time, I wrote down all the items that Boo is typically willing to eat that we have in the house. I handed it to him and told him he could choose any item from the list. He took a quick glance and chose a food. Just like that. I was blown away. Boo is so much better with visual communication than verbal, I guess this was just easier for him to process. Since then, I keep this list handy at all times. He has even learned to ask for it. It cracks me up to watch him peruse the list of foods and choose an item, often by pointing to it, as if ordering from a restaurant menu.

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