Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Sandals

I am breathing a little easier these days. I am back down to only one job. Spring is in the air, bringing with it lots of chances to run and play outside. My flowers are blooming and the garden is ready to be planted. It's my favorite time of year!

We have been very busy lately too. Boo's Daddy was home unexpectedly for a weekend recently which thrilled Boo right down to his toes! We also went on a field trip to a local farm with Boo's preschool class and attended a family fun night at school. Family fun night included dying Easter eggs and an egg hunt. It was great fun and Boo had a wonderful time, but it was also very overwhelming and overstimulating. In classic Boo fashion, he maintained his composure very well in the moment and saved the meltdown for Mommy.

We also had some company this weekend. A dear friend from my childhood, Ryan, whom I had not seen in person in almost 20 years came to stay with us for a few days with her daughter Roo. Little Miss Roo is a fourth grader and she is amazing! She bonded with Boo right away, and spent the entire weekend seeking to learn as much as she could about him. She asked some of the most insightful questions I have ever heard. She connected, she was intuitive and just amazing.

Boo is making strides toward resolving his difficulties with toileting independently. Unfortunately, this progress brings about a whole new set of difficulties. I am hesitant to post any more information than that in respect of Boo's privacy. I like to imagine that this blog will continue as he grows and that he will someday be able to read it and look back on his childhood from another point of view. I also like to imagine that he will be happy with what I write about him and that he will not be embarrassed.

Boo's problem solving abilities are improving also. Any time he is denied something he wants, he insists on knowing why. Once you tell him your reasoning, he will set about defeating your argument. You have to be very careful what you tell him. For instance, a while back he asked if he could skip the last step going down the basement steps. The steps end with a small landing and then a concrete wall. If he were to loose his balance and take a tumble, he would meet that wall head first. I told him no, he could not skip the last step because if he did he might hurt himself. He waited till I wasn't looking and went ahead and jumped the last step, then proudly announced that he had done so and had not been hurt. Therefore my reasoning held no weight and he now assumed he had automatic permission to go ahead and skip the last step. He is smart, my little Boo. He thrilled my heart today when he was begging for more treats from his Easter basket and I said no. He announced, "Let's make a compromise" and then he proceeded to propose a compromise and he ended up receiving two bite size mini oreos. A born negotiator, my Boo.

I think my favorite story recently was from last night. Boo was telling the Easter story to our guests, using some pictures from a gift that was given to him at Sunday School. He was showing each of the pictures in the story and linking them with the narrative. "Jesus was riding on a donkey, and then he went into a house that was orange and had this kind of door. He had a special meal with his friends. Then he was praying. They hanged him on a cross on Good Friday and he died. Then they moved away the big stone and he came to life and he got some new sandals.".......Amen, Boo. Amen.

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